Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

Water Color Landscape of Mueen Akhtar

Water Color Landscape of Mueen Akhtar

Water Color Landscape of Mueen Akhtar
Mueen Akhtar's Landscape
Artist- Mueen Akhtar
Size- 16X22inch
Medium-water color on paper
Available For Sale
This is one of my Kashmir series Landscapes, Its a Mess of JNV, Shahkot in Baramulla Kashmir. I love this place and also this painting too. For more information please contact me on mueen.akh@gmail.com or visit my blog- http://mueenakhtar.blogspot.in/

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Watercolor Painting of Gwalior Fort

Watercolor Painting-Inside View of Gwalior Fort

Mueen Akhtar's Painting
This painting is from the view of Gwalior Fort. It is an inside scene of Gwalior Fort. I had been Gwalior on August 2013, for an official program for 21 days. During this 21 days professional program, I got the chance to visit Gwalior Fort. At that time I painted this painting with watercolor on paper. This work was done in a hurry.
Gwalior is one of the famous cities in India and in Madhya Pradesh situated in between Delhi and Bhopal train route nearly 90 Km from Jhansi. There are so many attraction places for one to visit. This city is well connected with the train line as well as airplane transportation.
Now let us talk about Gwalior Fort, this fort is situated on a solitary rocky hill called Gopachal in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the best fortresses in India.  Gwalior fort has a defensive structure now and there are two main palaces- Gujri Mahal and Man Mandir inside it. These two palaces were built by Man Singh Tomar who ruled Gwalior 1486- 1516 century.
The Gujri Mahal was built for queen Mrignayani. At present time it has been turned into an Archaeological Museum. 
Gwalior fort was attacked by many rulers. Finally the British were in complete control of India by 1886, and the fort did not remain any strategic significance to them. So they handed over Gwalior fort to Scindia Family. The Scindia ruled Gwalior fort until the independence of India in 1947.

Watercolor Painting-Delhi Indraprastha Park View

Artist- Mueen Akhtar

Title-Delhi Indraprastha Park View
Size-11.5" X 15"
Medium- Watercolor on paper

Mueen Akhtar's painting
This lovely scene can be viewed from Indraprastha Park, at Sarai Kale Khaa, Nizamuddin. A Buddha Temple like Sanchi is looking beautyful from the background.

Friday, 11 October 2013

My Watercolor Painting- My Tools and Material

My Tools and Material

Mueen Ahtar's Watercolor Painting

My Tools and Property

Look at the image above, you will find a flower painting in the background and my brushes and color palate on it. These are all my properties which I love most.
Watercolor painting is the top of my wishlist of artwork. I always love to do it. Anyway, today this post was dedicated to my tools and materials. If you are a watercolor lover and wish to know which materials I use, be ready as I am going to talk about that.

Watercolor Paper

I maximum use Brustro watercolor paper of 250 to 300 gsm. Other brands which I use are Canson and Fabriano. Most of my works are done on Brustro and Fabriano. These two brands are affordable and good in quality. While Canson is costly on in comparison of these two. However, the use of paper varies from artist to artist. It is not necessary if I like these, You will also like. Just use all brand and quality paper and experience yourself and choose the best one for you.


I used watercolor tubes of artist quality. I love to use watercolor as it is herbal and has less chemical effect in comparison with oil color. It is allergy free and natural. It is easy to use and easy to clean your tools. You can use it anywhere.