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Learm Elements of Arts-Fundamental of Plastic Arts

Lear Elements of Arts-Fundamental of Plastic Arts

Hello friends,
Lear Elements of Arts-Fundamental of Plastic Arts with the video that we have brought for you. It will explain the brief intro of every element of plastic arts. Its very useful for those who are preparing for TGT, PGT and UGC Net in visual arts. So must watch this video:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sketching with Ink and pen- My Sketching Collection

My Sketching Collection

This article is all about sketching collection. I am showing you some of my most popular and my favorite sketching collection which I did mostly with pen, ink, and pencil. So let's talk about sketching.
Pen Sketch by Mueen Akhtar


Sketching is a term which is used for those drawing which has all essential light and dark tone on it. Simply the drawing of any object which we finished with light and dark tone, is called sketching. The basic difference between Sketching and Drawing is the finishing with all essential tones which we talked about in the next lines.
Anyway, I think there is no & should not be any certain rules and definition to define art and its terminology. Every artist should have the freedom to experiment. But If you are a beginner, you should have the knowledge of the basics of sketching. According to my view, the following basics methods or elements every one must know to learn or to start sketching:
  • Drawing
  • Tones
  • Finishing
    Pen Sketching by Mueen Akhtar


Drawing is a very primary step of sketching. To shape some desirable object with the help of any tools like pen, pencil, is a drawing. Usually, we just draw some lines to shape some object to start a new artwork, sketching or painting. This process is Drawing. It's a very important step to be a master with a pencil or pen sketching. How to draw, I just suggest the following steps to have control in the drawing:
  • Always use a soft hand at the beginning of the drawing whenever you get your desired shape,
  • Your essential lines or drawing should be light
  • Once you get your desired shape, use dark lines to finish the drawing,

If you try the above three tips or suggestion, you will be able to draw anything free handly.


The tone is the darkness and lightness of a hue. In simple words, the lightness or the darkness of a color is called its tone. 
When you finish drawing, you need to shade it with a light and dark tone. Now every art students and beginners must know which Tones we have to use in sketching. So here are these three-tone which is must while shading in sketching:
  • Light Tone
  • Half Tone or Middle Tone
  • Dark Tone

Above three-tone turn a drawing into a realistic or artistic work of art.
After finishing the above two work- Drawing and tone, one must use finishing. It will make the sketch attractive and beautiful. Although there are no rules on how to do it, yet you should know it with your logical mind. Just observe the drawing and shading with tones, find out where & on which a correction needed.

Have a look at some of my sketches:

Ink and pen sket,
Title-Ink and pen sketch

Size-8.5" X 11.5"
Medium- Ink and Pen
This is the key chain of my Bike. I love the shape which it has. That's why to draw it with Rotering pen.
Sketching of my Bike keys
 This one is my old sketch which I did in Kashmir in 2010 with black ball pen.
Sketching by Mueen Akhtar

Sketch of Railway Senior Institute Jhansi

Sketch of Railway Senior Institute Jhansi

Artist- Mueen Akhtar
Title-Railway Senior Institute Jhansi
Size-8.5" X 11.5"
Medium- Ink and Pen

Another sketch taken from the scene of Senior Railway Institute, Jhansi (U.P.), India.

Sketch of Shahkote Village Road, Kashmir

Sketch of Shahkote Village Road, Kashmir

Artist- Mueen Akhtar
Title-Shahkote Village Road
Size-8.5" X 11.5"
Medium- Ink and Pen

Pen sketch of Mueen Akhtar

 A pen sketch is drawn in black ink pen from the beautiful scenery of Kashmir Village. I love this one.....!!!!!